Sustainable Company

We are Proud to be a Responsible Company, Inside and Out

Sustainable Company

We are committed to a culture that ensures that every day, people feel comfortable bringing their authentic selves to work. Our commitment to ethics and integrity is a competitive advantage and a way to differentiate ourselves to our customers, partners, shareholders, and employees. Our reputation helps us recruit the best talent, and helps us retain the great employees who already call Rockwell Automation home.

Environmental Performance

Whether we're celebrating Earth Day or conducting regular internal compliance audits, we focus our conservation efforts on reducing energy, waste, and water use and meeting environmental standards at each of our facilities. In addition, we meet product environmental compliance requirements in all the countries where our products are manufactured.

We strive to run our operations with maximum efficiency across all areas of our business. We have long understood that making efforts to measure, manage, reduce, and report on greenhouse gas emissions is important to our business and to our stakeholders. Our focus has been on investing in programs and initiatives to maximize resource efficiency in the areas of energy, water, and waste to reduce demand and emissions.

Normalized Emissions Trend

Ethics and Integrity

Our culture of ethics and integrity is the foundation of our success and one of the key reasons we have been a respected business leader for over a century. This is why each year, every single one of our almost 23,000 employees, plus our contractors, complete the company’s Annual Ethics Training.

Our 2019 results overwhelmingly validated our high standards for integrity and the effectiveness of our training.

Annual Ethics Survey Results

  • 87%: If I raise a concern about unethical behavior, I believe the company will fully investigate it
  • 86%: I believe disciplinary actions are taken when individuals engage in unethical behavior or misconduct at the company
  • 91%: I believe my manager is ethical and honest
  • 89%: I believe leadership within my department sets the right tone for the organization to follow our Code of Conduct and the law
  • 84%: I believe the rules and discipline for unethical conduct are the same for all employees, regardless of seniority, title, or other reason

Culture of Inclusion

Across the globe, we view inclusion as core to our identity. Creating an environment where all employees perform at their best is fundamental to our success.

An extension of this work is our Employee Resource Groups, including the Professional Women’s Council (PWC) of Latin America. The PWC of Latin America aims to address the challenges women face, position women for success, recognize women’s accomplishments, and create equal opportunities for women through efforts like a weekly publication, talks on career development, and the group’s “Dream Crazier” video that spotlighted the significant contributions of Latin American women within the company.

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