Workforce Support and Training

Prepare Your Workforce to Combat the Global Skills Gap

Workforce Support and Training

Your workers, with critical knowledge and experience, are retiring and ​leaving​ the workforce, but the availability of qualified young workers is not sufficient to replace them. Simultaneously, the move to smart manufacturing is putting new demands on your workforce. Convergence of business and industrial systems, and the adoption of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technologies are creating a need for new skills. The skills gap is a global challenge. As it widens, it threatens to reduce your productivity and slow your time to market.

Strengthen Competency and Fill Skills Gaps

Access to Skilled Talent Decreases as the Need for New Skills Increases

The need for talented new employees has taken on greater importance as older workers retire and new technologies require new skills. A clear workforce development and training strategy can help you mitigate workforce challenges. Reduce the impact of the skills gap on your operations with our Workforce Support and ​Training​ Services. Empower your people and extend the reach of your team at whatever level you require. Supplement your workforce to address critical skill shortages, retain and build critical skills, and stay productive and keep up with customer demands.

Remediate the Risk of Downtime

Minimize Unplanned Downtime with Access to Domain Expertise and Support

You ​may​ encounter situations that need technical expertise outside the scope of your workforce. ​Remediate​ those situations, and minimize unplanned downtime, with easy access to our skilled engineers. These engineers are available to assist you in the field on an “as needed” ​basis​. They can supplement your staff with cost-effective online or phone support.

Enable Worker Competency

Bridge the Skills Gap with a Comprehensive Suite of Training Opportunities

Can your workforce meet your productivity, quality, and safety goals? ​We​ can help enable your workers, and bridge the skills gap, with a variety of different instructor-led training and e-Learning opportunities. These training opportunities are designed to improve skills at any ​level and are available globally in local languages. We can assess your needs, then provide training using an approach that works best for you.

Supplement Your Workforce

Enhance Capabilities with On/Off Premise Subject Matter Experts

Extend the reach of your team. Count on our subject matter ​experts​ to Supplement your internal capabilities both offsite and on. Choose from offerings that range from ​start-up​ support to comprehensive service agreements.

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