Manage Software and Firmware with Ease

Deliver Business Value with FactoryTalk Updater and ControlFLASH Plus

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Taking control of your software and firmware can be a daunting task. Remove the struggle and frustration from managing your software assets with the help of the FactoryTalk® Updater and ControlFLASH Plus™ applications. Together, these FREE tools will help you organize and manage software deployments, boost productivity, and stay up to date on software news.

Firmware Management with ControlFLASH Plus

View, Manage and Deploy Firmware Across Multiple Devices

Taking advantage of new functionality in software can oftentimes require an update in the firmware of your control hardware. Depending on the size of your automation system, this could take minutes or hours due to the simplex nature of firmware updates. Now, the days of flashing firmware one device at a time are a thing of the past. Introducing ControlFLASH Plus, a FREE software tool to help you reclaim your valuable time by streamlining the workflow of managing your firmware. It’s a one-stop shop that allows you to:

  • Quickly see versions installed on your devices
  • Review available firmware
  • Manage, export and save specific firmware combinations
  • Selectively flash multiple devices at once
  • See the lifecycle stage of a device
  • Review critical announcements and release notes
Download ControlFLASH Plus
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Managing Your Software with FactoryTalk Updater

Obtain Software and Version Information with Ease

Keeping track of your control system software isn’t glamorous, but it’s a necessary task that can consume bandwidth you probably don’t have. Forget the mental notes and hand-written reminders that have helped you accomplish this in the past; and, free your grey matter to focus on more mission critical activities. How? With FactoryTalk Updater!

This FREE tool, currently available when you install Studio 5000® and other FactoryTalk software offerings, can do this work on your behalf, quickly determining what FactoryTalk software is on your computer and ending the continual search for available new versions and patch rollups. And, you can be the first to know when new software versions are released with desktop notifications.

Learning How to Manage Your Software Assets

Gaining Visibility and Streamlining How You Support Your Software

The reality of manufacturing is that it takes a blend of technologies, including software, to go from inbound raw material to outbound finished product. Keeping everything organized can be an overwhelming task. If you're struggling to manage your software assets, join this webinar to learn how you can gain visibility and streamline your ability to support your software.

Protect Your Assets with FactoryTalk AssetCentre

Say goodbye to unintended downtime and not knowing what caused the stoppage occurrences. FactoryTalk AssetCentre software provides you with a centralized tool for securing, managing, versioning, tracking and reporting automation related asset information across your entire facility. It can do this automatically, with limited additional management oversight or work from employees. FactoryTalk AssetCentre can help improve uptime, productivity, quality, employee safety or regulatory compliance.

The Product and Compatibility Download Center

Your Resource for Product-related Downloads and Information

The Product and Compatibility Center (PCDC) is a resource for you to find product-related downloads including firmware, release notes, associated software, drivers, tools, and utilities. Set up notifications for FactoryTalk Updater and ControlFLASH Plus, in addition to other products you use from Rockwell Automation, to stay updated without searching for information.  Get news such as lifecycle changes, new releases, or critical announcements delivered right to you.