Short-Range Photoelectric Laser Sensors

Bulletin 45MLD Short-range Photoelectric Laser Sensors are Class II diffuse sensors designed for the packaging, material handling and semiconductor industries. These sensors provide background suppression by triangulation, establishing a fixed focal point and suppressing anything beyond the focal point. The rotatable lens also lets you adjust the laser beam spot size at the focal point down to 0.5 mm (0.02 in.) for accurate sensing of small targets such as gap detection, chip detection and crack detection in semiconductor and packaging applications.

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Presence Sensing Brochure Bulletin 45MLD Laser Diffuse Sensors Installation Instructions


  • Adjustable focal length from 50...300 mm
  • Fast 200 µs response time for high-speed sensing or counting
  • Timer option: 40 ms off delay (pulse stretcher, activated via wiring scheme)
  • NPN/PNP output

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  • CE Marked for all applicable directives
  • c-UL-us Listed
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Resource Publication Number Language
Presence Sensing Brochure SENSOR-BR001
Bulletin 45MLD Laser Diffuse Sensors Installation Instructions 45MLD-IN001
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