TotalFORCE Technology

High Performance Motor Control

TotalFORCE Technology

TotalFORCE® Technology combines high performance motor control, advanced self-monitoring capabilities and a contemporary digital platform to deliver faster, more precise and responsive AC drives.

What is TotalFORCE Technology?

TotalFORCE technology capabilities help reduce time to commission, optimize performance and enable simplified maintenance and serviceability throughout the full lifecycle of your AC Drives.

Recent enhancements to this technology include more powerful adaptive control capabilities, predictive maintenance features, and built-in permanent magnet motor support.

Improve Application Performance

Adaptive control is a key component of TotalFORCE Technology. As your equipment operates, Adaptive Tuning, Load Observer and Bus Observer are able to monitor machine characteristics that can change over time and automatically compensate for the changes that occur. This advanced self-monitoring capability helps reduce commissioning time and mechanical wear while improving uptime.

Watch this video to learn more about adaptive control.

Features for Crane and Hoist Applications

Applications that involve the lifting or hoisting of a load require special considerations. Smooth, safe control helps protect both personnel and assets. Now with TotalFORCE Technology, anti-sway capability is built into the drive.

Anti-sway technology is designed to improve safety and efficiency by reducing the swinging of a moving load. Watch this video to see the capability in action.

Proactive Approach to Improve Uptime

When you have the right information about the health of your system, you can reduce downtime and increase productivity. Our PowerFlex 755T drives take a proactive approach to provide diagnostic data, continuously monitor drive health, and compare the current performance to the application settings. This information is provided back to your control system, a capability that is driven by our patented TotalFORCE Technology.

Which PowerFlex 755T Drive is Right for Me?

TotalFORCE technology is the backbone of our PowerFlex 755T drive offering. With such a robust product offering now available, it can be challenging to select the right drive for your application.

Review the PowerFlex 755TL, PowerFlex 755TR, and PowerFlex 755TM drives in more detail.

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Why Active Front End Technology?

PowerFlex 755T drive solutions and bus supplies employ active front end technology to provide built-in harmonic mitigation and power factor correction, energy regeneration and common bus solutions. 

The drives are designed to improve energy efficiency, reduce energy costs and minimize power distribution issues in industrial uses. They also meet CE and IEEE 519 standards.

Read this white paper to understand the fundamentals of Active Front End Technology.

Drives Harmonic Solutions

Harmonics refer to deviations from the desired model sinusoidal AC line voltage and the current waveforms. These deviations, or harmonic distortions, historically were low in magnitude. However, more recently, there has been a considerable increase attributed to the use of power electronics, non-linear commercial and industrial loads, and Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs). These deviations can influence the optimal performance of your connected devices. Avert potential system malfunctions by applying the proper technology and solutions to minimize and limit the effects of harmonic distortion on your devices.

TotalFORCE® Webinar

Revolutionizing Technology in AC Variable Speed Drives

Learn how TotalFORCE® technology enables users to take a proactive approach in reducing machine design time, improving machine uptime, optimize productivity and simplify maintenance.

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