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Certified Training Course

Our ThinManager® software online training course consists of five downloadable labs. Each lab requires you to configure ThinManager software and submit the configuration file for grading and approval. Once competed, you will receive your ThinManager software certification.

IMPORTANT: This online training course is currently only available in English.

5 Labs to Certification

Follow the following instructions to earn your certification. Download the pdf with instructions for each of the 5 lab exercises and follow the lab instructions for each lab. Upon completion of each lab, click on the upload results button for the relevant lab taken and upload your file. Please do not wait for a response before continuing with the next lab.

  • Lab 1: The introductory lab steps you through the deployment of ThinManager software to several departments in a sample factory.
  • Lab 2: The second lab covers the creation of a control room and the deployment of MultiMonitor thin clients.
  • Lab 3: The third lab extends the ability of ThinManager software by deploying cameras, Virtual Screens, Terminal Shadow clients, and WinTMC.
  • Lab 4: The fourth lab covers the ability to restrict access to applications using permissions and Relevance User Services.
  • Lab 5: The fifth lab deploys a new production line that relies on mobile devices and Relevance Location Services.


For training requirements, download and install ThinManager software on a computer that is not used in a production environment.

When a lab is completed, please back up your completed ThinManager software configuration by selecting ‘Manage > Backup’ from the ThinManager software menu bar.

Name the configuration ‘YourNameLab#.db’ so assessment can be allocated to your profile. An example submission for a person called Paul Burns would be ‘PaulBurnsLab04.db’.

Upload the saved configuration file with the Upload Results button for the relevant lab.


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