Create a local project

Create a local project with version control to create the local project and a local repository on your computer. The local repository allows you to commit changes to your project and provides version control to view and restore previous versions of your project.
  1. If there is an open
    FactoryTalk Optix Studio
    project, select
    and then select
    Close Project
  2. Select
    or if there are changes to save, select
    Save and close
  3. On the Start page
    , select
  4. Select the type of project:
    • Default
      . A project that has a default window and configured categories in
      Project view
    • Blank
      . A project that has no content and configured categories in
      Project view
  5. In
    , type the name of the project.
  6. In
    , type the path to the project.
  7. Select
    Use version control
    TIP: When version control is enabled for a local project and you want to back up the project to a remote repository, push the local changes to associate the local project with a remote repository.
  8. Select
Version control is added to the new project.
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