Configure password policies for a project

Configure properties for the project node to configure a password policy for users of the application at runtime.
Password policy properties specify password length, age, and history. Configure the properties or dynamically link to the properties to change the password at runtime:
  1. In
    Project view
    , select the project node.
  2. In
    , expand
    Password policy
    and specify:
    • Maximum password age
      . The maximum number of days before users have to change their password.
    • Enforce password history
      . Specify policy for using previous passwords. Enter 1 to not allow previous passwords or enter 0 to allow previous passwords. Enter a number greater than 1 to limit the number of passwords that the user can reuse to that number.
    • Minimum password age
      . The minimum number of days before users are allowed to change their password.
    • Minimum password length
      . The minimum number of characters a password must contain.
  3. Select
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