FactoryTalk Optix Studio
project contains different components that you use to create
FactoryTalk Optix Applications
A project can include these elements:
  • Objects. Physical objects such as a motor or non-physical objects such as a digital alarm.
  • Object types. Model objects from which you can create object instances. Each object instance can contain specific objects and variables.
  • Variables. Elements that represent characteristics of objects and specify the values of these characteristics.
  • Variable types. Model variables from which you can create variable instances, which can contain other specific variables.
  • Runtime method types. Model methods from which you can create method instances. Method instances can execute at runtime when an event, such as a user action or a change in a variable value, occurs.
  • Graphic objects. A predefined library of objects, such as controls, containers, drawings, or media content, which you can use to create a user interface for
    FactoryTalk Optix Applications
  • NetLogic. NetLogic objects that implement custom application logics developed in C#.
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