Create a certificate

To communicate securely, OPC UA applications must have appropriate public certificates and corresponding private keys.
  1. In the
    FactoryTalk Optix Studio
    title bar, select the drop-down arrow after
    FactoryTalk Optix Studio Options
    and select
    Create certificate
  2. Under
    , complete:
    • Common name
      . The name of the URL.
    • Organization
      . The name of your organization.
    • Organization unit
      . The division in your organization for which you are creating the certificate.
    • Locality
      . The city where your organization is located.
    • State
      . The name of the state or province where your organization is located.
    • Country
      . The country where your organization is located.
  3. Under
    OPC UA information
    , complete:
    • Application URI
      . The globally unique URI for the application.
    • Domain names
      . The host name of the devices on which the application is run. IP addresses.
    • IP addresses
      . The IP addresses on which the application will run.
  4. Under
    Certificate settings
    , complete:
    • RSA key strength
      . The size, in bits, of the RSA key.
      RSA key strength
      Signature algorithm
      values are compatible with the OPC UA security policies that you set in the OPC UA server and OPC UA client objects.
      The higher the
      RSA key strength
      Signature algorithm
      values, the greater the use of resources for the encryption and decryption of messages between the server and client.
    • Signature algorithm
      . Algorithm that will create the certificate.
    • Expiration date
      . The SSL expiration date.
  5. In
    , enter the name of the certificate.
  6. In
    , enter or browse to the location to store the certificate.
  7. Select
We recommend backing up the certificate to a personal folder, outside the project.
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