Companion Specifications

By default,
FactoryTalk Optix Studio
provides limited support for the Machinery, PackML, and Weihenstephan OPC UA Companion Specifications.
Optional object instance declarations are not created
For example,
is an object of the
specification. It contains an optional object instance declaration (
), which is not created.
EU variables are duplicated when they are shared by different parents
When vendors declare an Engineering Unit variable and reference it from multiple nodes, the Engineering Unit variables are duplicated for each node that references the Engineering Unit.
Only one parent node is displayed
If you import an information model with nodes referenced by more than one node with an Aggregates reference or Organizes reference (or inherited references), only one node is imported.
Struct variable values are not supported
All types derived from structure created by
FactoryTalk Optix Studio
contain an empty struct value. This includes companion specification types.
Imported variable items with datatype structure or inherited from structure have an empty struct value.
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