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Input and output parameters of a method.
Database management system.
headless device
Device without display. For example, a web server or an IoT device.
Data source name, which contains information that enables an application to connect to a database with a driver.
Methods and commands defined at design time to be executed if certain conditions are met during runtime.
locale ID
A label (for example,
) composed of two segments (for example,
). The first segment identifies the language and country of the user interface. The second segment defines the measurement units and date and time format.
An object or variable derived from an object type or variable type.
The country and language settings of a given user, represented by a
locale ID
application logic
Programming logic that determines the application behavior at runtime.
An action exposed by an object and or a NetLogic that is executable at design time or at runtime. When invoked, it runs a set of instructions.
information model
Nodes that describe the structure and characteristics of a project node or entire project.
interactive session
A session generated at runtime by a Presentation Engine if the application has a graphical interface.
An elemental unit in an information model.
A node can be:
  • An object type
  • A variable type
  • A variable
  • A method
Open Database Connectivity API for accessing database management systems.
A node that can contain objects and variables that represent either:
  • Physical objects. For example, a motor.
  • Abstract objects or features. For example, a recipe.
Open Platform Communication Unified Architecture, a smart manufacturing standard of machine-to-machine communication.
predefined type
Type of object or type of variable included by default in the development environment.
Presentation Engine
An object that creates an interactive session to display the UI at runtime.
Indivisible variable of a node. In the context of C#, an inseparable element of a class.
FactoryTalk Optix Application or FTOptixApplication
An HMI or Internet of Things application generated by
FactoryTalk Optix Studio
that runs on a target system.
FactoryTalk Optix Studio
FactoryTalk® Optix Studio
integrated development environment (IDE) for designing and deploying HMI and Internet of Things applications.
A runtime context of a
FactoryTalk Optix Application
in which a user runs read and write operations based on their permissions.
structured variable
A variable that contains other variables, for example an analog variable.
A Controller variable.
Systems or devices on which you can run a
FactoryTalk Optix Application
. For example, an HMI panel, a web server, or an Internet of Things device.
A model of an object or variable from which object instances or variable instances are derived.
A uniform resource identifier, a sequence of characters that uniquely identifies a resource.
Resource URI
Represents the path (URI - Uniform Resource Identifier) of a file or a resource inside or outside the project.
A universally unique identifier.
A Node that represents the value of a figure, which can contain other variables.
A reusable graphical object, which can contain other objects and variables. For example, a panel for configuring users.
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