Create a project from a remote location

Create a remote project from a remote location to collaborate with other users, or back up a version of the project to a remote repository. Creating a project from a remote location creates the local project and the local repository. It also configures the associated remote repository URL. Commit changes locally and then push and pull changes so make the latest changes available to you and others.
  1. If there is an open project, select
    and then select
    Close HMI project
  2. Select
    or if there are changes to save, select
    Save and close
  3. On the Start page, select
    and then select
  4. Complete:
    1. Remote URL.
      Enter the URL of your remote repository. This is the location that stores projects remotely. If you do not know the URL, ask your System Administrator.
    2. Location
      . Enter the folder on your local computer where you will save and commit changes before pushing them to the remote repository. The default location is
      \Documents\Rockwell Automation\FactoryTalk Optix
      . Select to browse for a different location.
      TIP: If you are signed in to
      FactoryTalk Optix Studio
      , you do not have to know the
      Remote URL
      Create a new project
      automatically displays all of the potential repositories accessible with your GitHub account and all of the remote projects that you can open.
  5. Select
    . "Opening project from remote" appears in the status bar and the new project opens with the same name as the remote repository.
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