Event logger

An event logger records the properties of a single or multiple event of interest types.

Database configuration

FactoryTalk Optix Studio
automatically configures databases for event loggers.
When you select a database for an event logger,
FactoryTalk Optix Studio
automatically creates a table in the database for each Event logger object. Each table column corresponds to a data/property of interest of the event.
Depending on the design requirements, you can record a single type of event or several types of events with the same event logger.
A logger for each event of interest type
Every event type has a dedicated table in the database. Each column of the table corresponds to a property of interest of a given event type. In each table row (for each event), the same columns are assigned a value.
A logger for several event of interest types
The properties of all events are recorded in a single database table. The table columns relate to all properties of interest of all event types recorded. In each table row (for each event), only the columns that relate to the reference event type are assigned a value.
Audit event logger
object is available in the template library and is configured to record these events.
  • UserSessionEvent
  • RecipeApplicationEvent
  • AuditConditionEventType
TIP: You can export the event logger data to a CSV file or view it in the application in a data grid. See Export a database table to a CSV file.

Events source

For each event of interest type, you can choose from these sources:
  • A specific object
  • A project node with its child nodes/objects
    TIP: Typically, a project node that contains several objects that generate the events of interest.
  • All objects in the project
The Event logger records the data of all events of interest generated by all objects considered as event sources.
TIP: You can set the
Non-interactive sessions excluded
property to record only the events generated by user interactions with the application and exclude the events generated by other logics (for example, a change event).

Events auditing

FactoryTalk Optix Studio
enables you to record the operations performed by users at runtime. You can use this data to perform quality checks or to certify applications in specific contexts.
An event logger can record audit events concerning these operations.
  • Write on variables
  • Edit node attributes
  • Create and destroy nodes
  • Execute methods
  • Login and logout
For example, an audit event is generated when a user selects an object which invokes a method. However, an audit event is not generated when the same method is invoked by the application logic independently of the user actions.
Common audit event types
Audit event type
All audit events
Creation or destruction of nodes
Change of the variable value or a node attribute
Execution of a method
Execution of alarm methods
Execution of the alarm
Execution of the alarm
Add comment
Execution of the alarm
Change of the alarm enabled/disabled status
Recipe applications
User login and logout events
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