Complex Dynamic Link Editor

The allows you to add advanced logic to the source node value.
The contains:
The path to the variable set by the dynamic link.
A block diagram that depicts the flow of transformations carried out by dynamic links and the converters which calculate the value of the parent node.
Dynamic link direction
sets the direction between the blocks. The direction changes as you select the icon:
  • Read from source node to the parent.
  • Write from the parent to the source node.
  • Read from the source node to the parent and write from the parent to the source node.
Use Insert to interrupt the dynamic link chain by inserting a converter block to manipulate the output.
You can use this to add additional processing on an output of another block. For example, you can multiply the result of an ExpressionEvaluator by constant values.
Use Configure to change the source path or the parameters path of any converter, depending on the value of one or multiple variables.
Add parent array index
to link the source variable to a specific index of the parent variable.
Add dynamic path converter
to create a
Key-value converter
Conditional converter
. For more information, see Converters.
EU Mode
to create a converter on which you can dynamically build the variable source path. These options are for engineering units of measure only:
  • Default
    . No conversion is applied.
  • Localize
    . Sets the unit of measure of the parent variable based on the user locale.
  • Copy EU from source
    . Sets the unit of measure of the parent variable as the unit of measure of the source variable.
Use Delete to remove the converter or dynamic link and its children.
Use Change Dynamic Link to specify the binding between the source and parent. Binding is available to set a unit of measure. You can either:
  • Set the unit of measurement of the parent based on the user locale.
  • Set the unit of measurement of the parent variable as the unit of measurement of the source variable.
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