Serial Port API

The APIs are supplied by the serial
object and are used to implement the communication protocol logic of a single or multiple controllers that are not supported by
FactoryTalk Optix Studio
out of the box.

Available APIs

The following methods are available:
public void Open(); public void Close(); public byte[] ReadBytes(uint count); public char[] ReadChars(uint count); public byte ReadByte(); public char ReadChar(); public string ReadLine(); public byte[] ReadBytesUntil(string delimiter); public char[] ReadCharsUntil(string delimiter); public void WriteBytes(byte[] buffer); public void WriteChars(char[] buffer); public void WriteLine(string text); public void CancelRead();
The following C# properties enable you to read or write the object variables, and to change the operation of some methods:
public string PortName { get; set; } public uint BaudRate { get; set; } public byte DataSize { get; set; } public ParityType Parity { get; set; } public StopBitsType StopBits { get; set; } public FlowControlType FlowControl { get; set; } public TimeSpan Timeout { get; set; } public string NewLine { get; set; } = "\n";
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