Develop a network configurator (HMI50 devices only)

Create a network configurator widget for HMI50 devices. Configure the network settings with the
FactoryTalk Optix Studio
These network interfaces are available on HMI50 devices:
Only DHCP, IP address, subnet mask, and any additional IP addresses are configurable.
All parameters are configurable except for additional IP addresses.
Application example
Download a sample project:
TIP: Do not set the project title to
. This is a reserved namespace.
  1. To develop the project
  2. Create the application interface and integrate it with your project. For reference, see the sample project.
    TIP: You can use a preconfigured network configurator widget instead of creating it from scratch. For more information, select and search for
    HMI50 Network Configurator
  3. Arrange the interface elements.
  4. Configure a dynamic network or static network by enabling or disabling DHCP:
  5. Save the project.
Application design example
FactoryTalk Optix Studio
, select
to run the project using the client emulator to test your project. To run the project on a remote client, see Add a client device.
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