Develop an alarm grid NetLogic

Create a NetLogic that populates the alarm grid.
TIP: You can use a preconfigured alarm grid instead of creating it from scratch. For more information, select
Template Libraries
Template Libraries
and select
Alarm Grid
Set the default external code editor. See Set the default code editor.
  1. In the pane, right-click
    and select
    Runtime NetLogic
  2. Hover-over the NetLogic, select
    , and enter
  3. Double-click the NetLogic.
    The external code editor opens.
  4. Replace the existing code with the following code:
    #region StandardUsing using System; using FTOptix.Core; using FTOptix.CoreBase; using FTOptix.HMIProject; using UAManagedCore; using OpcUa = UAManagedCore.OpcUa; using FTOptix.NetLogic; using FTOptix.OPCUAServer; using FTOptix.UI; using FTOptix.Alarm; #endregion public class AlarmsGridNetLogic : FTOptix.NetLogic.BaseNetLogic { public override void Start() { alarmsDatagrid = Owner.Children.Get<DataGrid>("AlarmsGrid"); alarmsDatagridModel = alarmsDatagrid.Children.GetVariable("Model"); affinityId = alarmsDatagrid.Context.AssignAffinityId(); try { RegisterObserverOnSessionLocaleIdChanged(alarmsDatagrid.Context); } catch (NullReferenceException){} } public override void Stop() { if (localeIdsRegistration != null) { localeIdsRegistration.Dispose(); localeIdsRegistration = null; } if (localeIdChangedObserver != null) localeIdChangedObserver = null; } public void RegisterObserverOnSessionLocaleIdChanged(IContext context) { var currentSessionLocaleIds = context.Sessions.CurrentSessionInfo.SessionObject.Children["ActualLocaleIds"]; localeIdChangedObserver = new CallbackVariableChangeObserver((IUAVariable variable, UAValue newValue, UAValue oldValue, uint[] _, ulong __) => { //reset datagrid model variable to trigger locale changed event var dynamicLink = alarmsDatagridModel.GetVariable("DynamicLink"); if (dynamicLink == null) return; string dynamicLinkValue = dynamicLink.Value; dynamicLink.Value = string.Empty; dynamicLink.Value = dynamicLinkValue; }); localeIdsRegistration = currentSessionLocaleIds.RegisterEventObserver( localeIdChangedObserver, EventType.VariableValueChanged, affinityId); } IEventRegistration localeIdsRegistration; IEventObserver localeIdChangedObserver; uint affinityId; DataGrid alarmsDatagrid; IUAVariable alarmsDatagridModel; }
  5. Save the code.
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