Develop a solution for synchronizing users across projects

Use OPC UA communication to import users from another project and keep them synchronized.
Application example - server
Application example - client
Download the sample
FactoryTalk Optix Studio
TIP: The Client project will import data from the Server project.
  1. Server project:
  2. Configure locale IDs for users. See Configure locale IDs.
  3. Arrange the interface elements.
  4. Save the project.
  5. Client project:
  6. Arrange the interface elements.
  7. Save the project.
Design example - server
Design example - client
FactoryTalk Optix Studio
, select
to run Server and Client projects using the client emulator to test your project. To run the project on a remote client, see Add a client device.
  • In the Client project, Alice and Frank users can log on.
  • Changing a password in the Server project requires the impacted user to use the updated password in the Client project.
    TIP: You may need to restart the Client project to use the updated password.
  • Creating a user in the Server project enables the new user to log on in the Client project.
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