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Three Ways You Can Save With Paperless Operation

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Are you struggling with quality and compliance challenges?

Do you need to improve productivity? Many manufacturers are, and they’re unaware of how a modern MES can simplify these challenges with paperless operation. Let’s take a look at three ways you can save.

Labor/People Costs

Paper-based manufacturing companies devote valuable labor hours to paper filing and management each day, leaving them little time to focus on other important activities.

Think about the people required to collect and enter all of your data. Next, think about the people required to retrieve that same data for later analysis. You might be surprised; it adds up quickly.

Automated data collection can save you hours of human labor while simultaneously reducing the potential for human error that can result in unacceptable product quality and costly recalls.


Paper-based systems can make it challenging to pinpoint product anomalies and take corrective action quickly. How much do you spend per year on product and warranty recalls? Is it difficult to enforce on-time quality checks and to report information for compliance?

When you implement automated, paperless operation, the same software can support serialization and track-and-trace systems to help you meet emerging regulations regarding product safety and potentially dangerous counterfeits.

It can also help you conduct more efficient product recalls, shorten containment response and augment marketing efforts.


With the help of paperless operations, typical systems can save between 50-70% of their costs. Consider the delays and down time caused when operators don’t know which products to build and how to build them. What about downtime caused by broken or out-of-stock parts and production delays due to unavailability of the right parts?

A paperless system enables you to create automated build plans that determine the steps required to produce parts and products. It also enables you to track your process digitally, including material consumption, for advance ordering of material or subassemblies.

How much could you save? Find out today with our free, easy-to-use paperless operations ROI calculator!

It takes only a few minutes, and you can download a summary of your results, along with a complimentary copy of our Connected Quality eBook. Stop wasting time and money and start down the road to savings today!

Kelly Macaulay
Kelly Macaulay
Marketing Manager, Information Solutions, Rockwell Automation
Kelly Macaulay

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