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Meet the Makers: TJ Rodriguez Jr. – Code Builder, World Changer

TJ is a maker. He sees how his work relates to real world possibilities. And every day in his job he’s offered the opportunity to innovate, to do more and do better.

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TJ Rodriguez Jr is a builder. As an embedded software engineer, he fuels the future by building the code that makes things possible. His fascination for how things move started the day he went to work for a 3D printing start-up.

“That’s when I started to see the world differently,” TJ says. “I wanted to know how everything worked together, and then I wanted to see how I could make things move better, faster and more safely.”

Passion Drives Purpose

Software that controls motion is TJ’s passion.  He calls it ‘looking behind the curtain’ and he’s in awe of how one person with an idea can make such a big difference in the world.

“Some of my work is embedded in a machine that’s making personal protection equipment for frontline healthcare workers,” TJ says. “And that’s just one example. This work captivates my most creative side. It’s about endless configurations. There is simply no limit to what we can do.”

TJ sees how his work relates to real world possibilities. And every day in his job he’s offered the opportunity to innovate, to do more and do better.

“This environment embraces learning,” says TJ. “Our Advanced Technology group uses the Yammer platform to update us on their research, market and technology assessments across a vast number of industries and topics. This is a great place for developers like me who have been looking for inspiration. I can talk to people about what they are doing, I can learn from their work and add my own. This is what a software engineer needs – a community eager to collaborate.”

Curious People Welcomed

TJ is drawn to curious people who want to push boundaries and push themselves – and are comfortable in a changing world.

“In the process of making you’re also changing – as a person, developer and team member,” says TJ. “It’s the benefit of curiosity, of looking for answers. I’m best when I’m challenged and I thrive on those ‘eureka!’ moments. I’m motivated by the question of how things work, and how I can make them work better. I thrive in a collaborative environment because the people around me make my work, and my work life, better.”

TJ gets just as excited when his colleagues are working on something that’s pushed their limits, that’s challenged them – and then, the breakthrough.

“It’s our victory because in the end, what we’re designing and developing will expand human possibility,” TJ says. “I’m proud to be here because the products, services and solutions we offer find themselves in some of the hallmarks of industrial civilization. We help fill supermarket shelves. We help manufacture new vaccines. We help put cars on the road and gasoline in the tank. We’re behind the curtain and we help the world work better.”

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Anthony Jones
Anthony Jones
Head of Global Talent Brand, Rockwell Automation

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