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Meet the Makers: Innovation Enabler Gwenn Peters Wants You

Gwenn Peters is more than a maker; she’s an innovation enabler. Her focus is not on what she personally can create – but how she can remove barriers so others can pursue their ideas.

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Creative. Courageous. Curious. Those are some of the hallmarks of innovators, and these are the people Gwenn Peters wants to mentor.

Gwenn is more than an innovation leader; she’s an innovation enabler. Her focus is not on what she personally can create – but how she can remove barriers and make connections so others can pursue their ideas.

“People who want to disrupt the status quo might assume that corporations are too bureaucratic and slow to make something happen,” Gwenn said. “I challenge those people to think differently. As a larger company, we bring together immense domain expertise, partner networks, and the muscle of human and financial capital.”

The goal, Gwenn said, is to combine the agility of a start-up with the knowledge and resources of a corporation to inspire problem solving in new ways. Gwenn manages innovation programs designed to do just that, including:

  • Innovation Challenge: This competitive event asks teams pitch their ideas for senior leader sponsorship for implementation.
  • Bounty: A non-competitive program surfaces business needs for employees to tackle at their pace to capture a reward.

Gwenn is a connector between internal and external innovation.

“Being part of a strong innovation ecosystem is important for growth,” said Gwenn. “As a founding sponsor of the MKE Tech Coalition, we  work to grow tech work in the region through digital transformation, reskilling existing workers, building a freelance community, supporting K-12 STEM, and accelerating local startup growth. 

Making More

While Gwenn has used her engineering degree to make a lot of things, right now she’s “making” a culture of innovation.

“I am curating new ways for our company to operate,  experiment, and collaborate in our innovation ecosystem,” said Gwenn. “I suppose I ‘made’ the job I’m in now. It didn’t exist prior to me seeing the need for it and pitching it to many stakeholders and ultimately our CEO.”

Gwenn gets her energy from big challenges, white space and figuring out the way forward in a complex situation. “I’m good at connecting opportunities and people, and it makes me feel the best when colleagues tell me my work has made a difference for them.”  This could be through upskilling opportunities, navigating a way forward, or simply helping their ideas be heard.

Gwenn invites other makers to join her because, “Rockwell Automation is at the center of the 4th industrial revolution. We’re expanding human possibility across industries and around the world.

This is a place where you can bring your whole self to work, be successful, and help others do the same.

I’m proud to be here because Rockwell Automation is a company of smart people who really care about each other.  We work together with a relentless focus on ethics, integrity, and diversity and inclusion.”

Are you the kind of maker who thrives on innovation? Learn more about our career opportunites.

Anthony Jones
Anthony Jones
Head of Global Talent Brand, Rockwell Automation

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