Digital Thread

Unlocking Your Digital Potential

Early adopters of Digital Thread methodology are surging ahead in productivity and innovation. How? Harnessing the Digital Thread enables seamless data flow throughout the organization, which leads to improvements and benefits throughout the entire operation. Imagine collaborating in real time across the value chain, validating new lines and processes virtually, simplifying data science and increasing your manufacturing flexibility. Stop imagining and make the Digital Thread your new reality.

The potential of Digital Transformation is clear

Reduction in unplanned downtime
Lower ramp-up defects
Reduction in maintenance cost
Improvement in right-first time quality

What is holding you back?

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Achieve your potential with Digital Thread

Accelerate innovation

Success in manufacturing has always been tied to your capacity to innovate quickly. What if you could gather each party and their data, around the world, together in the cloud with everyone collaborating early and often in the design process?

Reduce time-to-quality
Optimize manufacturing processes in a virtual environment prior to investing in the physical world. Empower engineers to simulate every aspect of production and virtually commission machines without needing access to a single piece of equipment.

Accelerate time-to-market
Remove dependencies by bringing every stakeholder together in real time from the start. Kick off product design, machine design, and production engineering simultaneously to reduce timelines and evaluate design manufacturability.

Maximize workforce productivity

With 58% of the workforce approaching retirement and processes that are becoming increasingly complex, it is time to empower your rapidly changing workforce.

Capture expertise from top operators
Scale manufacturing expertise across the workforce with Augmented Reality. Expert operators can improve standard operating procedures by quickly documenting and sharing their standards of excellence with the enterprise.

Accelerate employee ramp time
Empower your workforce to reach their potential with high-fidelity training and on-the-job instruction. With access to hands-free, step-by-step directions, new personnel are equipped to deliver a first-time fix their first day on the production floor.

Optimize operations

The key to optimizing operations is connecting the plant to the digital content created by other business functions. You can reduce 70% effort from data science projects by automating OT/IT convergence.

Automate IT/OT convergence
Harvest scalable insights with an information model optimized for Digital Thread. Our Common Information Model drastically reduces the effort required for industrial analytics by building OT data context at the source.

Enable lights-out manufacturing
Increase manufacturing flexibility and agility by removing friction between enterprise systems. Download and execute orders, at any plant and line around the world, without human intervention.

Automate workflows
Keeping up with demand typically requires coordination across many systems. Automate those workflows to orchestrate production and then allocate resources across your operations and the supply chain.

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