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Unlock Enterprise-level Insights from Your Industrial Data

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Industrial data is generated in such volumes and high speeds that it’s difficult to capture accurately. Even if you could, its use is likely limited by lack of both context and consumability. With operational data locked in disparate devices or siloed in systems of record, data scientists expend significant effort on data preparation and are hard-pressed to extract actionable industrial performance insights.

FactoryTalk® Edge Gateway software addresses these challenges, unlocking actionable plant and enterprise-level insights to accelerate IIoT digital transformation. It simplifies and automates collection, contextualization, and organization of industrial equipment data across machines, devices and automation assets at the source itself—enabling high data integrity from the outset. It provides the right foundation to drive edge-to-cloud IT/OT convergence at the enterprise level so that everyone from the shop floor to the top floor can make smarter decisions.

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Connect Industrial Data Sources

FactoryTalk Edge Gateway software unifies data from industrial sources and control or automation systems. It integrates with a variety of cloud, IIoT, and big data applications including ThingWorx, Microsoft Azure IoT Hub, Microsoft SQL and more. It also uses OPC-DA, the automation industry ’s standard for interoperability, to access KEPServer Enterprise data for third-party connectivity. This maximizes operational insights and provides a 360-degree view of your business, simplifying and automating data ingestion in a single integration solution for IT applications.

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Drive OT/IT Convergence with a Common Information Model

FactoryTalk Edge Gateway software automatically discovers high-speed, contextualized OT data from controllers and packages it in a logical, common information model that control engineers can configure. This common information model speeds setup for similar assembly lines and can be enriched with third-party data. It can be mapped to on-prem or cloud applications and easily consumed to accelerate IT/OT convergence.

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Unlock Industrial Performance Insights

With access to OT contextualized data, IT applications can help you to extract equipment insights across your enterprise. Quickly, easily and proactively identify process and production inefficiencies and product defects. With less required data preparation time, you can focus on using your data to detect and resolve equipment issues and improve production output.

Leverage FactoryTalk Smart Object Capability to Drive Data Contextualization

FactoryTalk Edge Gateway software automates data preparation, packaging it into a common information model powered by the FactoryTalk Smart Object™ capability. FactoryTalk Smart Object content is created by control system designers and they extend base Logix tags with additional, user-definable, configuration properties. Think of them as metadata that identify specific data points, like energy consumption, asset health, etc. When you configure these properties, you reference operational parameters to tell the software how to collect data with relevance to unique outputs.

The common information model is a logical data structure of related data grouped into a hierarchy that data scientists and others familiar with your process can easily understand and consume. For example, if you have an asset with sensors in multiple locations, you can group this data by sensor distribution, i.e., inlet vs outlet. This makes it easy to pull out relevant attributes for analysis.

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Reduce Data Lifecycle Costs

FactoryTalk Edge Gateway software uses replication to reduce lifecycle costs. When you construct a line, machine, or subassembly in a modular way while you copy and paste in the control program, it automatically creates/updates the information model. And every change made in the controller flows to the information system. This helps reduce the need to rebuild the data model in every information client.

Example Industry Use Cases

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Food and Beverage

In the food and beverage industry, quality issues are often discovered after the product hits retail shelves or is in consumer hands. While initiating recall of a certain batch or lot, manufacturers need to find the issue’s root cause. For effective root cause analysis (RCA), accurate production data with timestamps for every batch and serial number is critical.

With FactoryTalk Edge Gateway software, you can collect data at high speeds and build an information model at the data source that contains  the batch and serial numbers and corresponding production data, e.g., current level, torque, speed, etc., at each stage. This information model can be pushed to data storage or IT applications—either on premise or in the cloud. With accurate production information, IT applications can now enable both process engineers and data scientists to perform RCA and prevent similar quality issues in the future.

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Automotive and Tire

The tire industry is often faced with operational and supply chain challenges, as well as continuous pressure to maintain EBITDA due to fluctuating raw material costs and operational efficiencies. The tire manufacturing process is a unique mix of batch production in upstream and discrete manufacturing in downstream operations. A heterogeneous mix of control systems, protocols and outputs is very common, and plants run in departmental silos with very little data shared across the value chain.

With FactoryTalk Edge Gateway software, you can connect heterogeneous sets of assets across the complete value chain, capturing contextual OT data into a common information model and eliminating data islands. Upstream IT applications can also use this model to establish a single source of truth to measure operational, machine and quality performance across the enterprise. With the right set of analytical tools on top of the information model, you can use the underlying aggregate OT data to predict machine and process failures and accelerate RCA of quality problems.

Converge IT and OT Like Never Before

With FactoryTalk Edge Gateway software, you can create information models at the Operational Technology (OT) layer and efficiently map to upstream IT applications to improve performance KPIs like OEE, predictive quality and process efficiency.

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