Fiber Optic Sensors

Our Fiber Optic Sensors are suited for packaging applications that require detection of very small objects, parts verification in hard to reach areas, color mark registration, and more. Our sensors consist of a light amplifying unit and a fiber optic cable that you can install at the detection area allowing for remote sensitivity adjustment.

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Bulletin 42FA Slim Fiber Optic Sensors fit almost anywhere thanks to slim design and flexible mounting options. They have a fast 500-microsecond response time and a generous sensing range comparable to that of larger fiber optic sensors.

Slim Fiber Optic Sensors
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Our Bulletin 46DFA PHOTOSWITCH® DIN Rail Fiber Optic Amplifier is a dual display model designed for the detection of small objects. These sensors are ideal in limited spaces or applications that require detection at high speeds. They are designed to be mounted side by side along a DIN rail away from the actual application. These sensors provide enhanced installation flexibility and excellent noise immunity.

46DFA DIN Rail Amplifier
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Bulletin 45FVL Digital-display Fiber Optic Sensors are innovative DIN-rail mountable solutions offering sophisticated part detection, diagnostic and self-teach capabilities in a slim 9 mm package. Ready-Point-Teach learn capability significantly simplifies setup.

Digital-Display Fiber Optic Sensors
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Bulletin 45FSL High-speed Fiber Optic Sensors are a general purpose, DIN-rail mountable solution ideal for those applications where simplicity is key. The unique Power Bus feature reduces wiring and installation costs. This model also features fast response time for high-speed applications and simple lighted indication for output status and stability.

High-Speed Fiber Optic Sensors
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Bulletin 45FPL Long-range Fiber Optic Sensors are compact DIN rail mount sensors for use with fiber optic cables up to 2.2 mm in diameter. These sensors have large status indicator displays and one touch multi-directional push-buttons.

Long-Range Fiber Optic Sensors