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The DNA of a Rockwell Automation Employee

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It’s often said that a healthy corporate culture is the only sustainable competitive advantage a business can control. In the current global circumstances, the value of culture is elevated and, I believe, will prove a critical determinant of the businesses that are able to endure market turbulence and bounce back strong in these challenging times.

Since joining Rockwell Automation a year ago, I’ve seen first-hand the prime importance placed on culture across the company. I was already aware of the company as an industry leader in its expertise and industry applications, but what’s really been apparent over this time is the quality of our people.

While we’re a diverse and geographically-spread organisation, it’s evident that there are certain characteristics that are common among Rockwell Automation employees. In this blog, I will explore each of the characteristics that I see as fundamental to our business’s DNA.

Key Characteristics of Rockwell Automation Employees

1.  We’re highly resilient

I’ve had the fortune of working with some very talented people over the past year, both here in the Middle East and across the wider network. Yet, talent is only part of what we bring to the table; our fighting spirit is what really sets us apart, and is integral to how we operate. Even in challenging circumstances we stay focused and determined, and that helps to lend confidence to our customers, partners and other stakeholders.

The ‘never give up’ attitude is pervasive in the company’s work. This has been evident in how we’ve faced up to this year’s global challenges – even where we haven’t been able to be with our customers in person, we’ve found new ways to deliver. Our customers know they can count on us.

2. We’re problem solvers

The manufacturing industry is in a period of major transformation, driven by rapid innovation in automation technology. This shifting landscape rewards businesses that are able to deliver creative solutions to the problems their customers are facing. For that reason, the culture at Rockwell Automation encourages us to be entrepreneurial and to think outside the box.

Creativity is built on a foundation of knowledge, and our employees are eager to upskill and expand their knowledge in order to be able to solve complex business problems through technology. For example, here in the UAE, we’ve been working with an organisation that wants to install remote and Augmented Reality capabilities. This implementation will produce millions of savings and support the company’s longer-term transformation goals.

3.  We’re broadminded

While we have regional responsibilities, we operate as a global network and offer our customers the benefit of the full breadth of our company’s knowledge and expertise.

This ethos flows from the Board through to regional and country directors and employees. Local operatives are able to take ownership of customers where local knowledge is imperative, and lean on central management where the customer would benefit from the global network. For the major global companies we work with, our diversification is a valuable asset.


4. We listen; we understand

There’s no single template for Digital Transformation success. The only way we can truly identify the right solutions is to get an in-depth understanding of our customers’ businesses and have the deep industry knowledge ready to apply.

This is what we mean by being a customer-centric organisation. We address business problems with concrete KPIs and desirable outcomes, and work closely with our customers to hit these metrics and milestones.

5. We make long-term plays

While there are quick wins and short-term solutions to common pain-points, our employees are critical in assessing whether these are really moving the needle for our customers and partners in the longer-term.

For our customers, we encourage them to think in terms of lifecycles, and help them to find ways to improve productivity at different stages and get the most out of their assets. We also work with our customers to look at the trends that are driving their industry, and help them to see all the options that exist to determine how their business will operate over a time horizon of years or even decades.

Regarding our partner network, we believe firmly in the value of long-lasting relationships. Through our collaborative attitude, we build strong relations, common strategies for growth and joint customer approaches, which help us to serve the market in the best manner.

Being a long-term player allows us to demonstrate loyalty to our partners, and build not only a long-term view for the customer, but a reliable ecosystem to support them.

6. We refuse to fail our customers

The ‘fake it till you make it’ ethos has no place here. We’re straight with our customers on where we can really add value to their business, and can back that up with real evidence of where we’ve tested and applied the solutions. We’re not here to waste anyone’s time or money.

We give our customers confidence that we can deliver for them.

Culture is Key

Across our business, we live by a simple brand promise: Expand Human Possibility. This promise captures our goal to connect the imaginations of people with the potential of technology to expand what is humanly possible, making the world more intelligent, more connected and more productive.

Rockwell Automation has implemented this promise into our DNA because we realise that, as industries evolve and technology advances, our culture is the constant source of value that reinforces our relevance and value in the eyes of our customers.

You can see the results our culture brings in the wealth of content available on our Management Perspectives hub.

Sebastien Grau
Sebastien Grau
Regional Sales Director Middle East, Turkey, Sub Saharan Africa, Rockwell Automation

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