Ensuring production availability and productivity in unprecedented times

Webinar hosted by Oil & Gas Today and Sponsored by Rockwell Automation

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Duration: 60 Minutes
Language: English
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The coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the need for the Oil and Gas industry to accelerate the digital transformation process and further develop the automation of operations. The Oil and Gas market segment faces increased pressure to improve efficiencies across all streams to remain competitive in a Covid-19 climate. This webinar – hosted by Oil and Gas Today and sponsored by Rockwell Automation – will address these confronting issues in three presentations.

The presenters and topics include:

Business, resilience and continuity in unprecedented times

Speaker: Kevin Cole, Industry Sales Manager – Australia & New Zealand, Rockwell Automation

We are living and working in an unprecedented time. Countries and companies across the globe must find new ways to keep business, processes, and systems operational and profitable. The current pandemic, combined with the supply, demand and storage issues, continues to cause volatility in the oil and gas market – however, the industry will persist and recover. The rate of recovery will, to some extent, be dependent upon the ability and agility to embrace the new normal. As we face a future together that will probably look different, now is the time to embrace technology to overcome some of the challenges we are facing for a positive change in our industries and future.

Remote connectivity to reduce downtime, save money and optimize performance

Speaker: Derek Athanassiou, Commercial Engineer – Australia & New Zealand, Rockwell Automation

With increasing site access restrictions, remote connectivity can be an advantage, as it allows a skilled employee or supplier to remotely access site to program, diagnose, troubleshoot or repair control assets. It could also be used for live “over-the-shoulder” collaboration using augmented reality (AR).

This presentation will provide a short introduction on remote connectivity and expert support for maintenance and troubleshooting, which can be utilized now and in the post-COVID 19 environment.

Reducing the time between anomaly detection and issue resolution, in upstream Oil and Gas wells

Speaker: David Turner, Regional Manager – Digital Oilfield Solutions, Asia Pacific, Sensia

With the advent of the ‘new normal’ necessitated by Covid-19; reduced site access and working from home, highlights the need to accelerate implementation of remote monitoring and control solutions which add business value and allow faster operational decision making from any location.

Employing recent developments in IIOT and Petro-Technical analytics, real-time production anomalies can be automatically detected – based upon pattern recognition, AI, ML and fuzzy logic techniques in producing oil and gas wells. Automated workflows can be utilized to notify user with probabilistic causation and recommendations for remedial action. For some artificial lift types this methodology can be extended to run in closed loop control to auto correct the well/lift performance anomaly. The resultant time reduction from anomaly detection to issue resolution results in; reduced downtime, continuous production, reduction in opex, and potential prevention of workover.

The presentation will highlight a specific example of this technology for application in ESP equipped wells.

At the end of the webinar we will have a Q&A session which is a great time for you to ask us questions on the above topics.

You will also have an opportunity to receive a complimentary copy of IDC FutureScape: Worldwide Manufacturing 2020 Predictions Report when you attend this webinar.

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