Virtual Smart Machines Workshop

Take the next step on your smart machine journey

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Improve your productivity and profitability with a virtual Smart Machine Workshop

Smart manufacturing opens new possibilities for both you and your customers, offering the chance to expand your service capabilities, generate more revenue and increase the value of your business.

These benefits can be achieved by designing and building specifications using smart devices, which allow your machines to share, analyse and access the right data to improve operations.

Register for a virtual Smart Machine Workshop and learn how to use smart devices to take the next step towards a more collaborative, agile and efficient production environment.

Discover the impact of smart machines

Learn how to optimise asset performance, product quality and safety

Each workshop can be tailored to your business with modules that improve operations regardless of whether you’re at the beginning or end of your smart machine journey.

From shortening design and startup cycles, to gaining unprecedented access to data, register now for a Smart Machine workshop and discover how to gain a greater competitive advantage for your business:

  • Faster Project Development
  • Testing and Validating without Hardware
  • Faster Machine Deployment
  • Maximised Overall Equipment Efficiency
  • Optimised Machine Performance
Ready to take the next step on your smart machine journey?

Let our experts guide you towards operational excellence

Your Smart Machine Workshop will demonstrate the steps you can take to speed up processes, reduce errors, cut downtime and increase productivity.

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Achieve faster time to market and reduce machine downtime with Smart Sensing

Learn how to implement Smart Sensors to provide a continuous flow of valuable process and diagnostic data to your design environment, visualisation system and information software. Not only can this information help to achieve faster time to market, it can be used to lower the total cost of ownership, improve asset utilisation and help to manage risks.

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Improve product quality and reduce machine downtime through Smart Safety

Discover how to access real-time data and achieve seamless connectivity to production through Smart Safety, helping you to gain new efficiencies, improve product quality and make operations more responsive. These systems help to standardise machinery and safety control, are less susceptible to nuisance shutdowns and can help to improve productivity and profitability.

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Increase productivity and predict performance issues with Smart Motor Control

Motors are used in many industrial applications and are often critical to the productivity of your enterprise. With Smart Motor Control solutions, you can monitor the health and performance of each motor to identify potential issues in advance, helping to reduce unwanted downtime and increase productivity levels.

Choose from any Smart Machine Virtual Workshop module

With a virtual Smart Machine Workshop, you can pick the modules and learn how to apply the solutions directly to your own operations.

Module 1
Faster Project Development and Value of Integration
  • Application Code Manager and Machine Builder Libraries
  • Add-On Profiles and auto tag creation
  • Faceplates
  • Reusing code with user library – AOI and programs
  • Tag based alarming
  • Intellectual property and tamper protection
Module 2
Testing and Validating without Hardware
  • The Logix emulator
  • The PV5500 simulator
  • The digital twin of the machine
  • Emulate3D
Module 3
Faster Machine Deployment
  • Minimising errors during installation
  • Less wiring
  • Reduced hardware
  • Easy integration of machine and hardware on Ethernet/IP network
Module 4
Maximising Overall Equipment Efficiency
  • Accessing real-time data like machine health status information
  • Automatic device configuration
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Fast product changeover
Module 5
Optimising Machine Performance
  • Data analytics
  • Online Software Changes
  • Firmware upgrade
  • Replacing traditional sensors with IO Link sensors
  • Analytics on the edge
  • Cloud Computing
Ready to see how smart machines make your facility more productive?

Learn how to optimise asset performance, product quality and safety.