Smart Machines and Equipment

Optimize Customer Asset Performance, Product Quality, and Safety

Smart Machines and Equipment

End-users are moving to a connected enterprise, bringing together information technology (IT) and operations technology (OT) systems into one network architecture. Smart machines and equipment provide unprecedented access to data, greater connectivity, and robust security, which position you and your customers for greater success.

Align to Customer Needs

Key Considerations for Developing Smart Machines and Equipment

You are challenged to innovate continuously to stay competitive. As more end-users move to a Connected Enterprise to optimize their production and supply chain, they want added value beyond the machinery or equipment. They also expect you to help address their most pressing needs:

  • Global competitiveness
  • Workforce readiness
  • Changing risks
  • New technologies

End-users want you to deliver smart machines and equipment that easily integrate into a facility, provide access to information, and enable agile reaction to changing market demands.

To help simplify the process, you should focus on three key ingredients in design:

  • Processes: Meet end-users on their journey to The Connected Enterprise and identify their needs
  • Technology: Incorporate the right technologies and capabilities
  • People: Build the necessary skill set, both internally and externally

We are your collaborator to develop the smart machines and equipment that your manufacturing and industrial customers need.

Engage Our Resources and People

Support Safety Compliance, Optimize Operations

Smart machines and equipment make it easier than ever to support safety compliance while optimizing operations. With safety-system diagnostics, integrated safety solutions, and contemporary safety technology, you can harness the inherent value of integrated, safety-system designs.

Machinery Safety

Safety Equals Security

Security should be a continuous, evolving component of your overall safety strategy. This means proactive safety management beyond worker safety and into consumer safety. The goal is to secure your machine and also to help protect intellectual property, physical and human assets, and the environment.

Industrial Security

Design for Information Availability

Information-enabled Machines Reduce Downtime, Improve Efficiency

Information-enabled machines and equipment deliver real-time performance and operating data. Your end-users need readily accessible information that is visible across the enterprise. This information helps people make informed decisions, reduce downtime, and improve plant efficiency and productivity.

Learn More About The Connected Enterprise

Visualization for Smart Manufacturing

Visualization and HMI solutions help you address your productivity, innovation, and globalization needs. Our portfolio provides a consistent look and feel for electronic operator interface terminals, distributed client/server HMI, and information software. Programming tools and advanced software applications include remote access and data analysis to accelerate development and improve efficiency.

Human Machine Interface

Simplify Integration

Troubleshoot Quickly and Reduce Downtime

As your customers try to connect the plant floor with the enterprise, machines that seamlessly bridge the gap between each domain are quickly becoming your competitive advantage. Leveraging a single control and information platform to gather, transfer, and analyze real-time operations data allows operators to troubleshoot quickly and reduce downtime.

Integrated Architecture Portfolio

Deploy Secure, Robust Industrial Network Solutions

EtherNet/IP is an open, industrial Ethernet network capable of handling discrete, safety, motion, process, and drive control applications. EtherNet/IP helps to enable secure, real-time information between machines, systems, and enterprises. This network allows IT and operation professionals to more easily meet their business goals.

Industrial Networks

Deliver Real-Time Diagnostics and Analytics

Respond Quickly to Issues with Remote Monitoring

Remote access offers an additional revenue stream, stronger customer relationships, and competitive differentiation. Monitor machinery performance from anywhere in the world. Respond to critical situations remotely, saving travel and on-site costs. Respond faster to equipment issues, or help prevent them in the first place. The result is less downtime and increased production.

Remote Monitoring and Analytics

Embedded Intelligence Devices

Embedded intelligence devices offer new ways for your customers to increase machinery lifecycles and decrease downtime. These devices can use built-in functions, such as vibration monitoring, condition monitoring, and torque signatures, to identify issues before they become problems. Operators can quickly troubleshoot and repair problems that do arise.

Condition Monitoring

Optimize Operational Efficiencies

Deliver More Flexible Machines and Equipment

With innovative designs and scalable automation technology you can deliver more flexible smart machines and equipment that help improve operating efficiencies and also:

  • Reduce installation and startup cycle times
  • Reduce changeover times
  • Reduce energy costs
  • Meet electrical, mechanical, and environmental requirements
  • Enhance worker safety and equipment protection

Engineering Design for Operations

Design software helps you maximize automation productivity through reduced design time. With this software, you can create ways to lower costs by using consistent, modularized solutions that improve manufacturing efficiency.

Design Software

Scalable Control Platform

One common framework is easier to design, install, manage, and maintain. It also allows you to right-size the control system for your customer's application. Our Integrated Architecture® system portfolio includes control, visualization, motion, and network families.

Integrated Architecture System
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