RASWin Software Tool

Document the Entire Safety Lifecycle

RASWin Software Tool

RASWin (Risk Assessment Software for Windows) is a subscription-based software tool to develop and maintain machine functional safety documentation. It helps you manage your progression through the safety lifecycle.

Manage the Safety Lifecycle Documentation Process

Whether you are an end user looking for a standard tool to manage all documentation regarding machine safety or a machine builder interested in producing safer and more productive machines in less time, RASWin provides you the means to consistently manage your entire safety lifecycle documentation. This includes risk assessments, functional requirements, safety system design, verification and validation.

RASWin simplifies this process with a powerful yet intuitive user interface that helps you save time and gain confidence while managing the safety lifecycle. It verifies that a safety system meets all requirements, and consistently documents processes to help ensure compliance. RASWin provides you with consistent, reliable, documented safety solutions while reducing the time and costs to develop your solution.

Features and Benefits

RASWin helps you manage your progression through the safety lifecycle, from definition of hazardous areas and guided selection of corrective measures to reporting and online monitoring tools. The tool organizes information from each step of the safety lifecycle process and includes:

  • Links the steps of the safety lifecycle to avoid systematic failures
  • Two methods of analysis, task or hazard assessment
  • A guide to corrective measures in accordance with ISO standards
  • Safety function specifications, Performance Level requirements (PLr) assignment, and PL calculation
  • Safety circuit validation tool
  • Configurable reporting tool with multiple options

Safety Automation Builder® used with RASWin helps you select products to achieve the required safety Performance Level (PL) according to global standard ISO 13849-1. They can also create SISTEMA projects for analysis of all safety functions.

RASWin and Safety Automation Builder Integration


A Powerful Team for Your Safety Lifecycle

Leverage this complete bundle of safety products. RASWin, when used with Safety Automation Builder, allows you to build a complete safety solution. With simulation of application development that includes hard guarding, input/output devices, control systems, and connectivity, these two tools help you develop the most effective and productive safety solutions.

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