Cylinder Inductive Proximity Sensors

Our Cylinder Inductive Proximity Sensors are used for end-of-stroke sensing of pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders or for open/closed indication on power clamps and grippers.

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Bulletin 871D Cylinder Position Sensors are ideal for end-of-stroke detection on hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders. Each sensor mounts into the standard in-port cylinder position sensor bolt pattern. Special spacers are available to alter the probe length for specific applications.

Hydraulic Cylinder Position Sensors
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Bulletin 871D WorldClamp™ Sensors are ideal for end-of-stroke detection in power clamp and gripper applications. Each sensor has two coils that detect whether the clamp or gripper is in the open or closed position. The two-sensor combination reduces the number of components required for these applications.

Cylinder WorldClamp Clamp & Grip Sensors