Reliability, Efficiency, and Connectivity for Maximum Uptime and Safety

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Our automation and motor control systems and team of mining industry specialists help OEMs deliver efficient extraction equipment. Whether for electromechanical shovels, bucket wheels, or bucket chain excavators, our drive solutions deliver high-performance operations and energy savings. Combined with the reliability we are known for, our solutions help maximize uptime for improved productivity and yield. With the advantage of emerging technologies like IIOT, and partners like CISCO, we can deliver solutions for a true connected mine.

Maximize Production with Greater Connectivity

A Connected Mine Starts at Extraction for Complete Operational Excellence

The global mining market is demanding unprecedented levels of operational excellence from companies to remain competitive. Operations and maintenance costs, production yield, and safety are some of the elements you focus on. Our automation and motor control products and systems help you maximize production, minimize energy consumption, and reduce downtime.

A transformation of the way companies operate requires the use of emerging technologies to achieve end-to-end connectivity. Our solutions provide that, and it is what we call the connected mine. Connectivity is the key to efficiency and safety gains, whether you connect a drive system, mobile screens, or wearable technologies.

With partners like CISCO, our solutions include autonomous vehicles, ventilation on demand, personnel location, and real-time remote monitoring. These solutions give you complete access to production data and other KPIs, reduce exposure to hazards, and optimize cost.

Motor Control Solutions

A High-performance Variable Speed Drive for Mineral Extraction

Our motor control solutions have helped mining companies globally meet the demanding requirements of extraction operations. Our systems are ideal for extraction applications and provide:

  • Reduced downtime
  • High performance for improved control and flexibility
  • Comprehensive safety functions

Our PowerFlex® 750-Series of AC drives offer maximum flexibility and performance up to 2000 Hp/1500 kW. It is ideal for applications that require positioning, speed, or torque control.

The safe torque-off and safe speed monitor functions help protect personnel and equipment and reduces machine downtime. The embedded EtherNet/IP port enables ease of integration with plant control systems, which includes our mining solutions for a connected mine operation.

The PowerFlex family of products is ideal for electromechanical shovels, bucket wheels, bucket chain excavators, and ventilation systems. Our team of industry specialists can help you design the system for maximum performance.

Learn More About PowerFlex 755 AC Drives

Ventilation-on-Demand Reduces Operating Costs

BESTECH Uses PowerFlex Variable Speed Drive on a VOD Solution

Without ventilation, the air in a mine is filled with dangerous contaminants. Miners work at depths greater than a mile where carbon monoxide and dust that is created from the mining cycle exists. Worker safety is essential to any mining operation and its success, but it also presents challenges.

The cost of ventilating mines is high as energy prices increase and mines become deeper. Approximately 50% of the energy cost in a typical mine is associated with ventilation. Many hard-rock mines contain dozens of main ventilation fans and hundreds of auxiliary ones. Both types are controlled manually and operate continuously at maximum speed or peak capacity. This helps keep air flowing through each part of the mine 24-hours a day. Unfortunately, to keep all those fans running at maximum speeds, even during non-peak demand periods, uses precious energy.

BESTECH implemented Ventilation-On-Demand to help Vale reduce energy costs and maintain a safe underground operation.

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