Industrial Network and infrastructure security with ThinManager

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Duration: 45 Minutes
Language: English
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For manufacturers, the risk of cyber attack is becoming an increasing reality as facilities become more connected and cybercriminals seek to exploit vulnerabilities. In this webinar, we will explain how you can secure your industrial control network against attack, even as it becomes better connected to enterprise level networks.

Join this webinar to learn:

  • How to provide a safe and secure environment for your end user device management and content delivery
  • How ThinManager mitigates the risks as you become more connected
  • How to achieve unprecedented control and security in your facility, regardless of the size of your industrial environment


Bart Nieuwborg
Bart Nieuwborg
Product Manager, Visualisation, Rockwell Automation EMEA
Bart Nieuwborg has extensive experience in industrial automation and is a domain expert in visualisation and GUI design. He joined Rockwell Automation in 1996 and has held various positions in field servicing, training, marketing and business management. Bart currently manages the EMEA region visualisation business covering SCADA software, operator interfaces, industrial computers and thin client infrastructure business.