Industrial Energy Management

Automation and Software Solutions to Improve Industrial Energy Efficiency

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We help manufacturers make the most of their energy resources through a comprehensive approach to control- and information-driven plant-wide energy optimization. This approach leads to lower production costs and increased profits.

Industrial Energy Management Systems

Improve Industrial Energy Efficiency for Increased Productivity

Optimizing your industrial operations to improve energy efficiency can be a challenge. Strategic energy management allows you to gain control of your energy use and reduce consumption with no impact to production or product quality.

With our products and services, you can gain real-time energy awareness, identify targeted areas to optimize, and improve the efficiency and profitability of operations.

Optimize your Operations

Conquer Your Energy Challenges to Improve Profitability

Energy costs impact your bottom line and energy management as a strategic resource requires active energy management. As an informed energy user, it is important to understand your usage. We can help you manage energy consumption in a way that brings meaningful value to your business. We focus on the factors you can control within your individual production processes.

Monitor. Analyze. Control.

Energy Intelligence for Manufacturers

Our energy intelligence solutions help you get more value from energy data. You can take energy data and give it context in your organizational or production models. You can make the data more valuable and more relevant to the decisions you need to make around critical energy consumption. You can define the costs to produce individual products and make the production adjustments necessary to be most efficient and cost effective.

Monitor Your Energy Costs

WAGES — water, air, gas, electricity, and steam — are critical cost inputs to manufacturing processes that often go untracked. We can help you track, monetize, and manage these costs to give your enterprise a strategic cost advantage.

Capabilities for Energy Efficient Operations

Your engineering and operations teams understand the challenges in controlling energy usage. Our technology, solutions, and industrial energy management professionals will help streamline your processes to help:

  • Improve energy use per unit of production output
  • Lower production risk
  • Speed time to market
  • Reduce costs that are associated with maintaining quality and compliance

Sustainable Production Through Energy Management

Our approach to industrial energy management allows you to reduce the risks associated with volatile energy prices and supply. Our integrated automation and information solutions visualize, control, and optimize your energy usage. These solutions help you schedule production based on an optimal energy footprint.

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