Complete Your Architecture

Component Solutions to Support Your Automation Architecture

Complete Your Architecture

In high-value applications, an electrical infrastructure for controllers, networks, and control circuits plays a key role in supporting the Integrated Architecture® system. This infrastructure helps avoid down-time caused by electrical transients, helps protect critical networks switches and system interfaces from power failures, and helps ensure that signals read by the controller are accurate. We provide a systematic approach that encompasses a wide range of solutions to common problems in these environments.

Complete Your Architecture is a collection of component solutions to support your automation architecture. Browse these solutions and contact your local Allen-Bradley® distributor for more information.

Running out of Panel Space?

Trouble in Your Relays Circuits?

Terminal block relays provide a compact interposing solution between low-energy PLC outputs and loads up to 240V AC/DC at 10A. Plug-in safety relays, with mechanically linked contacts, enable safety circuits in these applications.

Need to Reduce Wiring Time and Errors?

Traditional I/O wiring can take just over 46 minutes to wire and label a single I/O module. Our two-piece wiring system lets you get 10 modules done in just 11 minutes. In addition, they are 100% factory tested to eliminate would-be errors.

Concerned About Signal Integrity?

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