Crushing and Grinding

Maintain Quality in Real Time

The ability to get to the mineral you are searching for is important. It is also a challenge. You are under pressure to reduce costs, maximize extraction, and control energy use. Ultimately you are looking for a way to maintain a stable process to help deliver high throughput. You also try to improve downstream efficiency by grinding to an appropriate target size. Integrated control and information systems that are tied to safe, reliable motor control equipment can give you the consistent, flexible control you need to help maximize your operations.

Energy Efficiency and Maximum Uptime

Intelligent Motor Control for Efficient Grinding Operations

You are looking for consistent product size, efficient energy use, and continuous production. Under harsh operating conditions, you require control equipment that provides high performance, reliability, and robustness. Equipment suppliers rely on our variable speed drives, intelligent motor control, and condition monitoring solutions for systems that meet these requirements.

Our IntelliCENTER® intelligent motor control systems provide the highest standard of electrical safety and unsurpassed EtherNet/IP connectivity. This connectivity helps with the integration into control and supervisory systems and is an integral part of our connected mine strategy. It enables the aggregation of data for remote monitoring and analytics for equipment performance, advanced diagnostics, and health monitoring.

Our drives provide high performance for precise speed and torque control that enables consistency in production and reduction in energy use. They help reduce mechanical stress and lengthen maintenance frequency on equipment to deliver a more efficient and cost-effective operation.

Our solutions help operators of grinding and milling equipment reduce downtime, increase production monitoring, improve safety, and reduce operating costs.

Condition Monitoring System

AMCOL Predicts Equipment Failure with Condition Monitoring Surveillance

As a world leader of bentonite clay, American Colloid Company (AMCOL) focuses on high-quality, on-time delivery. One of its milling sites in Lovell, Wyoming, processes dried bentonite clay into drilling well and cat litter products.

AMCOL implemented manufacturing controls that improved production and helped reduce operating costs. This helped confirm that end-products perform uniformly and specifically to customer standards.

The goal of AMCOL was to help prevent motor damage before it happened. It also wanted to reduce unplanned downtime by obtaining timely and actionable information on the condition of equipment. Read about how we were able to meet the requirements outlined by AMCOL.

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