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XYP Automatic Shrink Label Inserting Machines


  • To develop agile responses to changing consumer requirements



  • Fast Changeover time between products
  • Production rate of 200-450 bottles per minute
  • Access to Rockwell Automation Global OEM Technical Consultants for service and support

Xu Yuan Packaging Technology Co., Ltd., (XYP) is a packaging equipment manufacturer in Taiwan with more than 30 years’ experience in producing shrink sleeve machinery, shrink film and shrink label. With a commitment to provide optimum shrink packaging solutions, XYP continually focus on developing new machines to suit a variety of applications and industries.

Shrink sleeves are widely used in the food and beverage, personal care, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. Each application has unique requirements making it important for manufacturers to develop agile responses to changing consumer requirements.

The key features of XYP’s Shrink Label Inserting Machines help address these challenges, facilitating modular programming, easy changeover and fast, efficient operation.


  • Stainless steel construction in single structure for easy installation.
  • Modular design for quick changeover
  • Dual HMI touch controller and operations parameter interface for user-friendly operation
  • Adjustable to fit a variety of inserting containers
  • LED display provides access to machine's status quickly and easily
  • Ground sleeve reel system enables safe and easy reel changing
  • High speed splicing system enables reel change without stopping the machine for improved line productivity
  • Standard splicing system with unique sleeve tension adjustment design for accurate sleeve transport
  • Complies with safety regulations
  • Suitable for use in a variety of product types including: round bottles, rectangular bottles, unique curve bottles and customised empty bottles.


  • Fast Changeover time between products
  • Production rate of 200-450 bottles per minute
  • Access to Rockwell Automation Global OEM Technical Consultants for service and support

Smart Machine Technology

XYP’s Automatic Shrink Label Inserting Machines incorporate smart machine technologies from Rockwell Automation including the Allen-Bradley® Micro800® Programmable Logic Controller, Kinetix® 5100 Servo DrivesPanelView™ 800 Graphic Terminals and the Kinetix® TL-Series™ Servo Motors.

The Micro800 programmable logic controller is at the heart of the system providing high level machine control and flexible communications and I/O capabilities. As part of the Rockwell Automation Integrated Architecture system®, the Connected Components Workbench software provides device configuration, controller programming and integration with the HMI – helping to reduce initial machine development time and cost.

The Kinetix 5100 drives and TLP servo motors deliver cost-effective servo control and supports applications controlled by the Micro800 controller for a range of performance and safety requirements. The integrated Rockwell Automation solution makes troubleshooting and diagnostics fast and efficient, helping manufacturers reduce downtime.

Thanks to XYP’s Automatic Shrink Labelling Machines manufacturers can now reap the rewards of fast changeover between products and increased production rates for improved productivity and profitability.


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