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We listen to our customers challenges and work hard to solve them.  View real customer applications to see examples of how we help our local customer save money, increase productivity, improve safety, and reduce downtime.

Next generation technologies support mining productivity and innovation capabilities

Rio Tinto’s Amrun mine features PlantPAx®, delivering seamless integration between critical process areas of the plant, cost savings and schedule benefits.

Wellhead upgrades help Santos futureproof LNG production

Latest control and automation technologies improve reliability, functionality and helps to futureproof Santos’ LNG production.

Project Med-Con: building Mask Machines to Fight Covid-19

In a race against the clock, Australian businesses create solutions for frontline workers in their efforts to combat Covid-19.

Robotics Increases Productivity for LaserBond

When every project is different, easy robot set up is key to effective laser cladding. New technology helps improve the productivity of the laser cladding process.

MRA’s Smart Stockyard Management System improves mine to port efficiency

MRA’s Smart Stockyard Management System combines smart engineering and leverages the latest control and automation technologies from Rockwell Automation.

Meeting Coal Seam Gas Safety Compliance

Safety compliance is critical to ensure incident free oil and gas production. A fault-tolerant safety instrumented system can help meet compliance requirements.

Seed Packing Machine Improves Accuracy & Thru-put

Asytec’s seed packing machine utilises the latest automation and control technologies. It improves flexibility and reduces the requirement for manual handling.

New Advances in Syngas Production Using Latest Process Technology

Leigh Creek Energy uses the latest process control and automation technology for syngas production.

Smart safety solution helps grow capacity and reliability at plaster mill

Winstone Wallboards benefits from smart safety solution for material handling.

Boral quarry invests in intelligent motor control solution

Quarry leads the way in intelligent motor control.

Smart Saw Line Futureproofs Timber Production at AKD Softwoods

Using the latest connected technologies to increase recovery, improve safety and reduce downtime.

Pet Food Production Takes on a New Level of Automated Technology

Cool Off - using the latest patented technology to supply Australian pet food ingredients to the world.

Bolivar Implements New Technology to Improve Adelaide’s Wastewater Treatment Quality

Complex and challenging control system upgrade improves reliability and optimises plant performance.

Driving Paper Production at Visy’s Pulp and Paper Mill

Upgrade to legacy drive control equipment on paper machine winder helps avoid any potential for downtime while also future proofing Visy’s Tumut plant.

Adelaide Convention Centre invests in industry leading seating hoist system

New seating system combines innovation and flexibility for a world-class convention centre.

Global Food Leader Begins The Journey to the Connected Enterprise

Converging IT and OT to align multiple processes, people and geographies for greater productivity and sustainability.

Hydro Tasmania develops the world’s most advanced utility grade hybrid energy solution

Australia’s largest generator of clean renewable energy, Hydro Tasmania, develops industry leading hybrid system on Flinders Island.

Miraka benefits from model predictive control

Leveraging the Pavillion8 solution to optimise powdered milk production

Factory upgrade safeguards long term gelatine production

Innovative approach to project execution breathes new life into gelatine manufacturing plant

Iconic Australian biscuit manufacturer upgrades Adelaide production plant

Making biscuit production flexible and productive

Intelligent motor control delivers information and safety for explosives manufacturing plant

A new explosives manufacturing plant in Europe invests in the latest motor control technology from Australia

Mountain View Quarries uses latest technology to boost productivity of crushing and processing plant

Gordyn & Palmer produces a turnkey solution for the electrical automation of a state of the art crushing and processing plant that incorporates the latest technologies in intelligent motor control from Rockwell Automation.

Chobani chooses Rockwell Automation as automation vendor of choice

Building a new, automated factory that utilises the latest technology for making high-quality, great tasting yogurt.

Asset management services keep yogurt production flowing

Chobani concentrates on what it does best: making high quality, great tasting yogurt with asset management services from Rockwell Automation.

Bottling made easy at Yalumba

Yalumba implements new state of the art bottling lines to help reduce labour costs, increase production capacity and minimise occupational health and safety issues.

Revolutionary liquid filling machine combines repeatability and accuracy

The new Liquid Pack filling machine incorporates industry leading technologies and machine builder know how to meet even the most challenging food or chemical applications.

Asaleo Care’s tissue machine upgrade future-proofs production

Tissue machine upgrade leverages control, drives and safety features of the Integrated Architecture platform and the application knowledge of the Global Solutions team at Rockwell Automation.

Yalumba’s Oxford Landing winery incorporates the latest in winemaking technology

Meeting consumer demands throughout seasonal variability with an advanced automation and process control solution from Rockwell Automation.

Latest technology enhances machining of aluminium profiles

Technical Plant Services (TPS) delivers a world first, automated, robotic solution for machining long length aluminium extruded profiles utilising the Rockwell Automation motion control and drives product portfolios.

Safety record success at Fairfax’s Tamworth Press

Rockwell Automation safety solution lays the foundation for an industry leading safety record.

Encore Tissue’s manufacturing plant upgrade drives increased productivity

The Global Solutions team from Rockwell Automation applied their engineering capabilities to customise a partial line upgrade that integrates with the existing system to improve tissue production rates.

Explosives control system upgrade all under control

 Integrating control and safety for optimised plant performance.

Newcastle Coal Infrastructure Group (NCIG) implements a condition based maintenance solution

The Integrated Condition Monitoring (ICM) solution by Rockwell Automation provides 24 hours a day, seven days a week coverage of the coal loading operation to minimise unplanned downtime and help improve overall productivity with minimal onsite personnel.

Nelson Pine combines control and safety to minimise production downtime

Rockwell Automation helps Nelson Pine integrate control and safety with minimal production downtime.

VIP Packaging leads the pack with robotic palletising solution

Designing a new fully automated palletising line for a world-class packaging company required an innovative solution that integrated safety, automation and control.

AGL Loy Yang drives long-term success

An innovative drive solution – founded on the PowerFlex® 7000 medium voltage drive from Rockwell Automation® – helps streamline AGL Loy Yang’s mine conveyor system upgrade.

Compac Sorting Equipment stays ahead of the pack with Rockwell Automation solution

Rockwell Automation® helps Compac Sorting improve productivity and reduce engineering costs.

Hamilton City Council Meets Compliance Demands with System Upgrade

Rockwell Software® improves performance and eases compliance requirements at water plant.

Safety inspection prompts upgrade to aging cranes at Bayswater Power Station

Macquarie Generation called on the domain expertise of Rockwell Automation to deliver a solution for the cranes to meet current safety standards

MRA pioneers industry leading train load out automation technology

Automating the train load out process delivers improved capacity, profitability and safety at Anglo American’s German Creek mine

Delivering plantwide control for Arrium’s Iron Knob mine

Designing, installing and commissioning modular crushing and screening equipment to process and stockpile hematite iron ore with minimal downtime

Australian technology drives global mineral processing productivity

Developing an innovative application to advance mineral processing quality and recovery for mines around the world