Mastering Scalable OEE

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Duration: 30 Minutes
Language: English
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Do you know how well your production is running? Do you have visibility into efficiency losses due to downtime, slow performance, or quality issues? OEE is a valuable metric that can be deployed in any industry. Implementing an OEE solution that scales from a single machine or line to an entire plant and can be used for simply collecting and calculating OEE or for correlation with other information, can drive reduced costs and added value.

Scalable OEE solutions can help you take that first step in your digital transformation because they enable you to see what’s happening using data collected directly from your equipment. 

Join us for a discussion of OEE and its value, as well as available solutions to start your digital transformation or continuous improvement projects. Hear real-world examples of how these types of systems have provided others with significant value and improvements in their operations.


Matt Giordano, Information Solutions Partner Manager, Rockwell Automation

Matt Giordano is a partner manager and a 24-year veteran with Rockwell Automation who has a decade of experience delivering OEE solutions in multiple industries. He attended The Ohio State University and has more than 20 years’ experience in industrial automation.