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What Can I Expect from my Manufacturing Execution System?

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MES is the heartbeat of your operation. A properly managed MES helps remove friction between your traditionally siloed business functions. MES links these functions across multiple, plant-wide manufacturing processes through customer orders.

How MES Can Benefit Your Business

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Production Dispatching

Provides the command to send materials or orders to certain parts of the plant to begin a process or step.

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WIP and Resource Tracking

Monitors the progress of units, batches, or lots of output to create a full history of the product.

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Product Tracking & Genealogy

Monitors the progress of units, batches, or lots of output to create a full history of the product.


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Document Control

Manages and distributes information on products, processes, designs, or orders, and gathers certification statements of work and conditions.

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Asset Utilization

Compares the time equipment is in use versus the time available, including downtime, idle time and changeover time.

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Resource Management

Guides what people, machines, tools, and materials should do, and tracks what they are currently doing or have just done.


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Compares measured yield in the plant to goals and metrics set by the equipment manufacturer, process engineers, corporation, or customers.

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Maintenance Management

Plans and executes appropriate activities to keep equipment and other capital assets in the plant performing to goal.

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Finite Scheduling

Sequences and times activities for optimized plant performance based on finite capacities of the resources.


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From product tracking and genealogy to maintenance management and document control, see how an MES connects plant-wide manufacturing processes.

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