Assurance Integrated Support

Minimize the Impact of Downtime, Parts Shortages, and Skills Gaps

Assurance Integrated Support

You cannot predict the unexpected, but you can prepare for it. Whether it is a sudden downtime event or parts shortage, Assurance™ Integrated Support gives you confidence that you can swiftly resolve unexpected issues. Our support specialists are available 24/7/365. Guaranteed response times can help you avoid unplanned costs and reduce downtime.

A Simple Approach

One Call Covers It All

Here is how it works: if a problem arises, you make only one call to initiate technical assistance. We will help diagnose the issue and get you back online quickly. If needed, we will coordinate the shipment of parts or dispatch one of our service professionals to your site. We do all of this for one fixed price. That means no new purchase orders to cut and no additional calls to make.

Flexible to Meet Your Needs

Define a Plan and Response Times That Are Right for You

Our support is all about you. That is why we offer multiple service levels to help you meet your business goals. Choose the level of response for replacement parts to arrive on-site, the arrival time of a service professional, and other proactive services.

Your specific support plan begins with selecting emergency services. These include access to remote support engineers, on-site delivery of replacement parts, and emergency on-site engineering services. Each of these elements has its own performance guarantees.

From there, you can expand your plan to further address your needs. This can include:

Work Worry Free

Avoid Unpleasant Surprises

Sometimes it is the things we don't know that nag us during the day and keep us awake at night. Is a machine going to go down today? Do we have the parts we need? What is going to happen when our most experienced workers retire?

Let us help put your mind at rest. Guaranteed response times ensure problems will be addressed within a predetermined window. Direct access to our trained professionals also means we are here when you need us. This helps ensure you get the expert service required to keep your Rockwell Automation technology performing at its best.

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