Save a project

Save your project to save your progress. You can store projects locally, in a version control repository, on a network drive, or a removable drive.
  • Save the project using one of three ways:
  • From the toolbar, select
    The project is saved to the same location from which you opened the project.
  • From the toolbar, select
    Save As
    , and then in
    Save project as
    , complete:
    1. Name
      . Enter the new name of the project.
    2. Location
      . Type the path where you want to save the project. Select and browse a folder to navigate to the location.
    3. (optional)
      Use Version Control
      . Select to track changes made to the project and store the project in a Git repository.
  • From the toolbar, select
    Save and Commit
    The project is saved and a commit is made to the local version control repository.
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