Display information model graphs

Visualize information models of
FactoryTalk Optix
projects in the form of graphs.
TIP: For more information about project information models, see Information model.
  1. To display information model graphs
  2. Do either:
    • In
      , right-click the property.
    • In
      Project view
      , right-click the project node.
  3. Select
    Model analysis
    and then select either:
    • Information model graph (Project only)
      . Visualize only nodes, types, and references related to the user project.
    • Information model graph (Ignore OPCUA/Core namespaces)
      . Visualize nodes, types, and references of the user project and
      modules namespaces, except OPC-UA and Core namespace.
    • Information model graph
      . Visualize all nodes, types, and references of any namespace.
Information model graph example
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