Create a project

A project contains elements with which a
FactoryTalk Optix Application
is made. You can create either a local project or a project from a remote location.
  1. In the main toolbar, select
    The Start page opens.
  2. Select
  3. To create a local project that has a default window and configured categories in
    Project view
    , select
    To create a blank project that has no default content, in
    FactoryTalk Optix Studio Options
    , select
    Advanced mode
    and then restart
    FactoryTalk Optix Studio
    to select
    on the Start page. See Set options.
    1. In
      , type the name of the project.
    2. In
      , type the path to the project.
      The default location is
      \Documents\Rockwell Automation\FactoryTalk Optix
      . Select
      Browse files
      to browse for a different location.
    3. (optional) Select
      Use version control
      With version control enabled, you can back up the state of your project to a local repository and push local changes to a remote repository.
    4. (optional) Select
      Encrypt secrets
      to encrypt project passwords, custom objects that have the
      DataType, and
      files that represent the project information model.
      TIP: To enable the
      Encrypt secrets
      option, log in to
      FactoryTalk Hub
      . For more information, see Project secrets encryption.
    5. Under
      Set main window size
      , specify the width and height of the main window when you create projects. Accept the default
      window size, enter a new
      for a new custom window size, or select a preconfigured window size or Optix Panel.
      The default custom window size is 400 x 400 pixels.
    6. Select
  4. (optional) To create a project from a remote location:
    1. Select
    2. In
      Remote URL
      , enter the URL of your remote repository supplied by your System Administrator to specify the remote project that you want to open.
    3. In
      , enter the folder on your local computer where you will save and commit changes before pushing them to the remote repository.
    4. Select
      If you are signed in to
      FactoryTalk Optix
      , you do not have to know the
      Remote URL
      Create a new project
      automatically displays all of the potential repositories accessible with your GitHub account and all of the remote projects that you can open.
      Opening project from remote
      appears in the status bar and the new project opens with the same name as the remote repository.
The new project opens. If there was an existing project open, the project opens in a new instance of
FactoryTalk Optix
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