Backup a project

FactoryTalk Optix Studio
automatically creates backups of projects.
Projects are automatically backed up:
  • When you save a project
  • When you update a project to make the project compatible with a more recent version of
    FactoryTalk Optix Studio
  • Every time you update a project to repair a corrupted project. See Restore a project.
The default location for the backup folder is:
%localappdata%\Rockwell Automation\FactoryTalk Optix\Studio\Backups\
Project Name
Each of the project folders consists of other subfolders with these different types of backups:
  • Automatic
    . Three backups, performed when saving the project.
  • Recovery
    . One backup, performed when a corrupt project is opened and repair attempted. See Restore a project.
  • Upgrade
    . Two backups, performed when updating the project to make it compatible with a newer version of
    FactoryTalk Optix Studio
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