Size conventions

Size conventions concern graphic objects, font, and pixel to point conversions.

Graphic object size conventions

At design time, the size of graphic objects is depicted in Device-Independent Pixels (DIP). Text sizes are depicted in points.
At runtime, the size of objects may vary depending on the scaling factor of the operating system. Windows scaling factor is supported. An object with a width set to 100 pixels at design time will be 125 pixels at runtime on a system with a 125% scaling factor.

Font size conventions

fonts are supported. One point corresponds to 1/72 inches and one inch equals 96 pixels as defined by Microsoft for Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF).

Conversion between pixels and points

To convert points to pixels, use the formula pixel
(DIP) = points * 0.75
TIP: 12 points = 12/72 inches = 1/6 inches = 96/6 pixels (DIP) = 16 pixels (DIP)
To convert pixels to points, use the formula
pixel (DIP)/0.75
TIP: On a system with a 125 scaling factor, a 12 point font in design is 20 pixels at runtime
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