Presentation Engines

A Presentation Engine object displays a
FactoryTalk Optix Application
at runtime.

Native Presentation Engine

Use the Native Presentation Engine for typical HMI applications that run on targets with an operator panel. There can be only one Native Presentation Engine in a project.
When you run a project, an interactive session generates and authenticates with the starting user.
You can change the current user in an interactive session. Based on the user and logic created, the interface can change dynamically in the same session.

Web Presentation Engine

Use a Web Presentation Engine to make a web user interface available to multiple users who connect from different web browsers. Web Presentation Engines are compatible with HMI applications that run on client devices equipped with an operator panel and with devices that do not have a dedicated administration interface. There can be only one Web Presentation Engine in a project.
When a user connects to the web server, an interactive session is generated for the authenticated user. The same user can generate additional interactive sessions by accessing the project from multiple devices.
TIP: Each session creates a start window. See Sessions and locales.
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