Add an event to an object from another object

Add an event to an object by adding an event from another object. Adding an event from another object helps prevent you from having to recreate the same event for different objects.
  1. In
    Project view
    , select the object to which you want to add the event.
  2. In
    , select
    Add external event
  3. Navigate to the object that has the event you want to add to the current object, select the event, and then choose
  4. To associate a method with the event, after the event, select
    Add net method
    and select the desired method.
  5. In the selection window, navigate to and select the method to add:
    • Global method
      . Expand the
      node and expand the method node to select a method.
    • Local node
      . Expand the node of the object to select a method.
  6. Choose
  7. (optional) If the method requires arguments, expand the method and set the arguments.
  8. (optional) Associate any additional methods with the event.
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