Edit a dynamic link

Edit a dynamic link to change the source variable or resolve a broken or unresolved link. Insert a placeholder such as {0} to make the link dynamic. Broken links display in the property while unresolved links display . Unresolved dynamic links cannot be resolved at design time, but they can be valid at runtime, for example, when setting a dynamic link that passes through a panel loader.
Edit a dynamic link by either editing the link manually, selecting a new source, or dragging a new source to the dynamic link in
  • To edit the dynamic link manually:
    1. In
      , hover over a dynamic link and select
    2. Edit the path and then press
      TIP: You can edit Alias indexes.
  • To edit the dynamic link by selecting a new source:
    1. In
      , in the property with the dynamic link, select either the link in the property or select
      Change Dynamic Link
    2. In the dynamic link browser, select a node to act as the source of the value property.
    3. (optional) In
      , select the OPC UA attribute to apply to the selected node. For example, select
      , or
    4. (optional) In
      , select the format to apply to the selected variable.
    5. (optional) In
      Array index
      , select the array index of the selected variable. This option appears for array variables only.
    6. In
      Bit inde
      x, select the index to access the specified bit of the selected variable.
    7. (optional) To create a complex dynamic link, select
      NOTE: For more information, see Create a complex dynamic link.
    8. Choose
  • To edit the dynamic link by dragging a new source, drag the new source onto the existing dynamic link in
  • To restore a dynamic link for which you have selected the variable, right-click the property value and then select
    Restore link
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