Create a dynamic link using an alias

Create a dynamic link to use an existing alias as a shortcut. Dynamic links help prevent having to look up the same source node repeatedly.
  1. In
    Project view
    , select a node that has the property value that you want to set through the dynamic link.
  2. In
    , in the property of interest, select
    Add Dynamic Link
  3. In the
    dynamic links
    window, expand either the
    folder or the
    Panel loaders
    folder to select the alias node
    to display.
    The information model to which the alias points and the source node of the dynamic link appear.
    TIP: In the
    dynamic links
    window, the aliases that you create appear in the
    folder. Aliases in the
    Dynamic panel
    folder are generated automatically.
  4. Select the source node of interest and then choose
The path to the reference node or attribute appears in the property.
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